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♉ Taurus

Taurus – ♉ – Value – Bull – April 21/May 20 – Earth – Fixed – Yin (-) – Personal – Venus

Taurus is the bull. While Aries represents the fiery outburst of growth associated with spring, Taurus represents the slow fertility and stability of the season. As representing the element of Earth, Taurus is a very materialistic sign, concerned with the physical world and with practicality. Those born into the sign of Taurus are concerned with getting things accomplished, and spreading their work into the world. As a fixed sign, Taurus exhibits motion towards the center, reproducing and stabilizing what has already been started. Taurus is resistant to change and extremely enduring; Taurus creates and then Taurus preserves.

While Aries is represented by the virile ram, Taurus is represented by the male half of the fertile cow. The bull is calm, slow, and steady, but brimming with potential; Taurus represents the anticipation of spring, and the promise of better things to come. This Sun Sign also is associated with the Personal Modality, relating to self-discovery and exploration of one’s own potential. A Taurean is strong, practical, well-grounded, enduring, and unmoving. The sign’s polarity is that of Yin; the feminine. This is reflected in the sign’s association with fertility and the Earth. The bull does not put too many things into the world; rather, it takes things in and then gently reshapes them before putting them back. Taurus is the womb of the Zodiac, caring for the child of Aries. The House of Taurus is that of Wealth; Taurus is the sign of propserity and possessing things of value, including understanding your own self-worth.

Venus rules Taurus, and is associated with beauty, refinement, and grace. Venus gives Taurus the ability to harmonize with the rest of the world, and gives the bull feminine grace with which to live. Taurus’ association with Venus reinforces its own association with fertility and womanhood.

♈ Aries

Aries – ♈ – Self – Ram – March 21/April 20 – Fire – Cardinal – Yang (+) – Personal – Mars

Aries is often listed as the first of the Sun Signs, and this is appropriate as he is the initiator and origin of many things. He is also the Ram and the god of war. Aries represents the principle of action and activity; he is strong and willing to do what it takes to get the job done. Aries is one of the Sun Signs corresponding to the element of Fire – the element of action, creativity, passion, and will. It is of the Cardinal Modality, meaning that the Ram is one to begin setting things in motion. The energy of Aries is directed very clearly outward, and it stands at the rim of the Zodiac-as-wheel. Aries represents, then, virility and masculine passion. Looking at its astrological symbol, this becomes clear; while technically the symbol represents the horns of a ram (and horns are signs of virility in and of themselves), it also has a very phallic shape, including both phallus and testicles. Aries is the Sign of ultimate masculinity.

Someone who is an Aries will always the initiative and drive projects forward, though they might lack the lingering passion to complete them (the flame burns out quickly). They can often be impulsive as well, dong what they want when they want. Aries is aligned with the masculine element of Yang, as well, and represents therefore the exhalation of breath and the sending of energy outward into the world. Aries also focuses on the personal aspects of the individual, and is thus identified with identity and self-discovery. He can also be selfish, violent, and often inconsiderate of others. He focuses on self-gratification and what he needs and wants, not on others. This Sun Sign, then, is very much like a young boy just coming into his adolescence, hormones rushing through him as he attempts to discover who he is and to spread himself throughout the world as much as he can. The House of Aries in the House of Self, and it represents the early moments of life when you discover who you are, what you think of the world, and begin to develop your ego.

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, and matches almost perfectly with Aries. Both Sun Sign and planet are names referring to the Greek and Roman gods of war, respectively. As such, both are associated with courage, assertiveness, and initiative. The two reinforce each other greatly.