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The Suit of Disks

The Suit of Disks corresponds to the Sefirot of Earth. It is the second half of the second dichotomy in the Tarot; it is the material to the abstraction of Swords. It also stands apart from the other suits (and elements), as those four elements all exist on the Earth. Earth represents the reality that the other elements exist on, and so is fundamentally different from the other three elements in deep esoteric thought, but for practical purposes, is treated as the fourth element. It represents material force, stubborn resolve, unstoppable power, sublimity, practicality, permanence, success, reality and materialism. Sometimes called Coins or Pentacles, someone excelling in the qualities of the Suit of Disks is stubborn, powerful, materialistic, practical, grounded, dull, cautious, and sometimes simple-minded. Someone lacking in the energy of the Suit of Disks is unfocused, gives up easily, impractical, weak, idealistic, and can be a risk-taker.

The energy of the suit of Disks flows forth from EinSof and enters the Sefirot of Kether, where it displays the full force of its pure idea as the Ace of Disks, showing the best the suit has to offer. The Ace represents Material Force, stubbornness, fortitude, strength, and materialism. It is also The Realization; the Ace of Wands is the Origin, from which things come into being, the Ace of Cups is the Potential, where things see what they can be and are given what they need to realize said potential, and the Ace of Swords is the Thought, the conscious actions, structure, and journey to realize one’s potential. The Ace of Disks is the final stage of the cycle; it is the moment of Realization, when things come into themselves and are fulfilled, ready to give birth to the next generation, starting the cycle again with the Origin.

The suit’s energies flow on out of Kether and make themselves seen in their first manifestation at the Sefirot of Chesed. The active manifestation of the suit of Disks represents the movement associated with the suit; the slow motion that ensures stability. It represents the balance that active Earthy motion brings, and the constant, slow Change that goes along with it. The energy seeks actively to maintain its balance, power, and stability, and so learns quickly to adapt and be flexible.

The suit also learns that it cannot possibly be as successful as it wants to be without enlisting help. It finds other like-minded energies and works together with them to accomplish great Works in the Sefirot of Binah, creating a duality and more, and doing things that could have not been done by itself. It learns how to plan and communicate with others, moistening its energies slightly with the spirit of Water.

Now among the company of friends, the energy of the suit attempts to stabilize and solidify itself at the Sefirot of Chesed. It builds its great works and fortresses to show its Power; the energy has achieved extreme stability and grandeur. It is able to display its strength to the world, and loses some of its adaptability as it vows to stay where it had laid down roots.

Which was a mistake. The destabilizing motion of Geburah strikes, and the energy of the Suit is unable to adapt. A terrible shaking of the Earth brings down the power of the fortress at Chesed, and casts the suit out into the cold. It suddenly finds itself with nothing, injured by the calamity, and with dampened spirit and filled with Worry over its future. Without something, it is hard to survive and make more of yourself.

But the energy of the suit of Disks is nothing is not persistent. It refuses to give up and works hard, and approaches the central Sefirot of Tiphareth. By working hard and never giving up, the Suit is able to achieve Success; it has returned to a presentable state, and can enjoy the fruits of its honest labor. The energy of the suit is finally balanced and content, for it has come a long way and had much experience.

But success is not assured forever. Eventually, mistakes will be made, and Failure will be seen. The suit sees that it may have succeeded at the expense of others, and sees that some others have tried and failed. The energy itself also is not always successful in its endeavors, and suffers from the loss of failure as well. The suit also becomes bloated from its victories, and becomes corrupt, causing others to fail, and resorts to trickery and theft to keep itself successful; it’s only practical. However, it also begins to hate itself for its failure to succeed honestly, and descends into degenerativity.

And then it reacts to the degenerate nature of Netzach, moving to the intellectual aspects of Hod. It sees that it has made bad decisions and others – and itself – has suffered for it, and vows not to ever do so again. It becomes exceedingly cautious then, unwilling to take risks, and works hard once again, carefully managing the resources it has in a display of Prudence.

And it does pay off in the end. The suit of Disks gets back what it has lost in failure as it approaches the Sefirot of Yesod. It crystallizes and experiences a great Gain; it becomes rich in resources and contacts, and moves to the upper crust of society. It becomes refined and civilized, having gotten where it was through discipline. It enjoys the fruits of its labor, but never stops working.

This spirit leads the energy of the Suit to, upon approaching the reality of Malkuth, has gained much Wealth. This mostly positive card tells of the separate nature of this suit; the suit of Disks is unsurprisingly perfect for existing in the realm of Malkuth, as it is built of practicality. It has experienced much, and has gained a lot over its journey, and keeps it all in Malkuth. The suit has established itself, and its children will continue the cycle. However, like with Satiety in the Suit of Cups, sometimes Wealth is too much, and sometimes it can leave one feeling empty inside. Now that it has everything, what is there to strive for? Has it become stagnant? What’s the point of having everything?

The first of the custodians of the Suit of Disks is the Knight of Disks, who is the Fire of Earth. He is slow, cautious, and willing to talk calculated risks to further himself. He works hard and slowly came to grow into the powerful man he is, guided by practicality and remaining grounded.

His consort is the Queen of Disks; she is the Water of Earth. While her husband goes out and serves as the breadwinner, she stays at home and acts as the hostess and mother. She helps other people achieve their dreams, and helps whoever she can, giving too much of herself to others. She then, herself, does not amount to much, as she gives all she has to others. She longs for a better life, but is trapped by the way she built herself up.

They have two children; the first is the Prince of Disks, who is the Air of Earth. He thinks slowly, and is able to come up with practical ideas to solve any problems put before him. He grows much like his father does, slowly and carefully, and is very strong-willed and keen of mind. His logic and reason are very practical, and he is able to apply his thoughts to the world to make it a better place.

His sister is the Princess of Disks, and she is the Earth of Earth. She embodies potential; she is wed and pregnant with a child, who will be a Knight of Wands, who will go out and change the world. She is the complete woman, filled with an inner beauty and strength. Everyone is envious of her, who can and will do anything for her child. She is fierce when provoked and lives for the future.

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