Tarot, Geomancy, Astrology

The Sun


XIX – Resh – Sun – Head

Clarity, Vitality, Security, and Consciousness

The Sun corresponds to the Hebrew letter of Resh, which roughly means head, or beginnings. It also corresponds to the existence and effects of poverty in the world, particularly the selflessness that comes after one has been poor previously. It represents also (as can be seen by its meaning and original pictograph of a head) consciousness and thought, as well as clear awareness of what is going on around you. This card symbolizes the beginning of knowledge that comes from having a clear head and understanding the need to both fear and love God.

Astrologically, the Sun’s equivalent is… the Sun! The Sun, as a planet, symbolizes one’s conscious identity and sense of self-purpose. It represents confidence and clarity of mind, as well as spirit and energy as well. It serves primarily as a symbol of a strong self-identity, however.

The card of the Sun, similarly, is a card of clarity, vitality, and energy. Like the Moon is a card of the darkness, the Sun is a card of the morning. It represents fertility and rebirth, as well as new beginnings. It represents conscious thought and clarity of purpose, mind, and spirit. The Sun is full of energy and vitality, as well, and represents rejoicing in the fact that the darkness has gone. The Thoth art captures this energy and celebration well, in showing two winged children dancing before a hill, while the sun sends out spiraling energy in all directions. The Rider-Waite art similarly has a happy child on a horse, with the beaming sun behind it. The colors on both cards are bright and clear, with no ambiguity. In the background of the Thoth card we can also see a hill surrounded by a wall, indicating security and comfort.

The Sun is also a card of sanity and freedom, breaking out of the darkness of night; the sun has risen from behind the eclipsing Moon and daylight has been restored, bringing much relief. This card represents flowering and hope, as well as the idea of living by conscious principles – another meaning of the wall – in order to provide security and eliminate ambiguity and shadows from your life. Lastly, the Sun also is a card of generosity and giving, as the sun gives its light to the people on the Earth.

On the Tree of Life, the Sun lies between the Sefirot of Hod (Knowledge and Intellectual Weakness) and Yesod (Essence of Being). The Sun, then, is the path from conscious application of knowledge, and learning from one’s intellectual failing and weaknesses, to finally coming fully into yourself. The Sun represents the conscious application of wisdom to make your life’s purpose clear.

In a reading, this card asks you to examine the role of clarity in your life. Do you know where you’re headed? Have you come out of a dark phase in your life? Are you thinking straight? Do you have principles? Are you filled with energy? Reversed, this card’s energies are hidden or twisted somehow; perhaps the clarity you are experiencing will be short-lived, or perhaps you are clearly looking in the wrong direction.

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