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♍ Virgo

Virgo –  – Virgin – Health – August 23/September 22 – Earth – Mutable – Yin (-) – Interpersonal – Mercury

Virgo the Virgin is the Sun Sign associated with “Discrimination,” and acts of order, neatness, and clarity. Virgo represents clear-headedness, tidiness, analysis, attention to detail, and precision. The Sun Sign of Virgo is associated with the Astrological House of Health, associated with caretaking, performing skilled tasks, and, of course, well-being. This is a reflection of Virgo’s association with the element of Earth; while the Air Sun Sign of Gemini is association with reason and logic, Virgo represents this reason and logic applied to practical matters, resulting in analysis and skill. This association is further compounded by Virgo’s Mutable Modality: Virgos are flexible and can adapt to situations in order to maintain their balance. The security that Leo establishes is maintained by the practical, down-to-earth philosophies of Virgo. Virgo keeps the family of  Cancer and Leo healthy and strong. Virgo is also associated with the Yin Polarity, or the inhale of breath; it is passive and focused on the self.

Virgo is of the Interpersonal Orientation, meaning that the Sun Sign is associated with relations between people. The Virgin maiden is often seen as a caretaker for others; just look at the ancient Roman Vestal Virgins for an example. Virgins are protective – that’s why they are still virgins – care both for themselves and for others, keeping everyone healthy. The Virgin is a competent, skilled worker, who pays attention to detail but can often be critical of others. While she cares for everyone, she may discriminate between those she thinks are better and those who are not, and may be over-controlling or too demanding at times.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and so is also associated with intelligence, rationality, and communication: intelligent communication between people is Virgo’s strength.