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☉ The Sun

Identity, Purpose, Will

The Sun is the most influential and powerful of the astrological planets, and also by far the brightest. When one says that someone “is” a Libra, a Capricorn, a Virgo, a Leo, an Aries, or any of the other Zodiac symbols, what they are saying is that their Sun Sign is that particular symbol. What determines someone’s Sun Sign? What zodiacal constellation the Sun was in on the day of their birth. One’s Sun Sign is merely derived from a natal chart, where the Sun is treated just like any other planet – but its meaning given more weight, and is the primary (but by no means the only) determinant in understanding an astrological chart.

The Sun represents our center, and what makes us… well, us. It is a planet of identity, and in many ways (unsurprisingly) is very much like the Tarot card of the Sun. It is the most influential factor in determining where we stand and who we are, and its position is extremely important. It is, in many ways, our “identity” planet, and represents who we are as an individual, as well as our drives, consciousness, and purpose.

The Sun also has its own sets of associations. The energy of the Sun is clear and has a definite purpose. The Sun is creative and confident, though can sometimes be dominating and selfish – the sun is the brightest and the center of the solar system, is it not? The Sun is strongly associated with and is the Ruler of Leo; the Sun shares many themes with this Sun Sign, and the two strengthen each other. The Sun is the giver of life, and it is from the Sun that we all originate. We are all stardust, primarily that coming from the sun. This is reflected in the Sun’s role; we are all dependent on energy coming from the Sun, and if we cannot use that energy well, we often have low self-esteem and a weak sense of self – and on the other end of the spectrum, if we overdo the Sin in our lives, we become arrogant and self-absorbed.

The Sun is also sort of on fire. In reality, it is not fire that fuels the sun, but it still has the spiritual energy of fire. It is also, then, associated with the element of fire that Leo is also associated with: creativity, origins, willpower, and identity.