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☽ The Moon

Emotions, Receptivity, and Mystery

The Moon is the opposite of the sun, its counterpoint and consort. The moon reflects the light of the Sun, and is the Yin to the Sun’s Yang. It’s calmness and receptivity allow the Sun’s energy and vitality to fully come into itself, for it cannot be called active without the Moon’s passivity to compare it to. While the Sun manages our identities and purpose, the Moon is in control of our emotional world, and to an extent the routine tasks we are comfortable doing. The Moon is the archetypal feminine planet, just as the Sun is the archetypal male planet.

In this association with the feminine, the Moon is associated with fertility, nurturing, and caring, aspects reinforced by the fact that it is the Ruler of Cancer. The Moon represents the female in its mother phase (as opposed to the maiden or the crone), and so is associated with all things motherly. The moon is also, as mentioned above, the ultimate feminine; in occultist and esoteric traditions, the feminine is associated with Yin and passivity. The Moon’s receptivity and reactivity allow for the Sun to come into its full glory.

The feminine is also associated with Water, which is appropriate for the Moon, as it is the Moon that controls the tides. Water is associated with one’s emotions and feelings, and the Moon rules these realms. Like Water, the Moon is flexible and adaptable, its intuition allowing it to do well in almost any situation. The Moon also represents one’s unconscious purpose, in contrast to the Sun’s conscious purpose, and the thoughts and feelings we have beneath the surface. The Moon is shrouded in mystery, and represents the hidden parts of ourselves we cannot always reach, as well as those parts of us we cannot control – our emotions.