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♑ Capricorn

Capricorn –  – Goat  Social Status – December 21/January 20 – Earth – Cardinal – Yin (-) – Transpersonal – Saturn

The Sun Sign of Capricorn is associated with the oft-overlooked goat. The goat is an animal of the Earth, and its horns can either represent fertility or, if they spiral, infinity. Due to its association with Earth, Capricorn is a very practical and materialistic Sun Sign, and Capricorns tend to be concerned primarily with the everyday world and physical things. Because of this elemental association, Capricorn is also of the Yin Polarity, and so is introverted and often passive. Capricorn is also a Cardinal Sign, however, meaning that initiates action, and the actions that it initiates are associated with order. It is associated with the House of Social Status, representing authority, hierarchy, ambition, appearance, and drives. Capricorns are very concerned with how they appear to others and are concerned with finding out how and where they fit into the grand scheme of things. Capricorns are also of the Transpersonal Orientation, and so while they might be introverts and keep to themselves, they are also seeking to connect to the universe on a deeper level. In Capricorns, this manifests in trying to place themselves in an ordered world, and then presenting themselves to others as belonging in that position. They seek to ground their connection to the rest of the universe in reality by figuring out where they fit in. However, Capricorns don’t necessarily have to be content with where they are, and may try to move up in the ranks.

The goat is often thickheaded, and is associated also with virility and fertility, and reproduction as a whole, through the guise of Pan (and reinforced through its association with Earth). Capricorn represents Pan in the Zodiac, and the influences of the natural world upon us all, again combining the universe’s grand plan with more practical concerns, and initiating actions to shape the world more to their liking, not necessarily through active actions, but just by being who they are. They initiate, but do not start out trying to change the world; by nature of who they are, it just happens. Capricorns have strong personalities, can be confrontational at times, and have very clear ideas of their role in society, and seek order and the reproduction of said order. That being said, Capricorns are also great adapters, and do not usually seek to create new things completely out of nothing; rather, they adapt what they have before them using pre-existing concepts of order and discipline in order to build their new models. This then leads to Capricorns as being, interestingly, in the Cardinal Modality, but whose Cardinality is defined by Mutability.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which reinforces the ordered nature of Capricorn with its association with discipline, responsibility, and thoroughness.