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♓ Pisces

Pisces –  – Fish  Self-Undoing – February 19/March 20 – Water – Mutable – Yin (-) – Transpersonal – Neptune

Scary as the name of its associated House may sound – “The House of Self-Undoing” – the final Sun Sign of the Zodiac, Pisces, is not any more negative than its associates. Pisces is associated with ideas of mysticism and isolation, in many ways like the Hermit of the Tarot (though “officially” the two are not associated with each other). The House of Self-Undoing is also associated with these mystic ideas, and is also directly associated with isolation, hermeticism, reflection, sacrifice (primarily of self), and the unconscious (which is reinforced by Pisces’ association with Water).  The idea of “Self-Undoing”  is directly related to the Sun Sign’s Transpersonal Orientation. Pisces is concerned with knowledge of the larger universe, and seeks this knowledge by looking so deep into oneself that that self is lost, subsumed by the larger universe. Many mystics and hermeticists  believe that this is the goal of existence, and Islamic Sufis (and early Islamic faylasufs) tried to completely lose themselves in the glory of the larger universe, or God, depending on the symbolism you choose. Once they found God, their self would burn away and they would become on with him (many of them, of course, later reconsituted themselves, but as an appendage of sorts of God). It is then fitting that Pisces is the last Sun Sign, as Pisches finishing what Aries started, and allows the self to become one with the universe. Pisces’ association with unity reinforces this idea greatly.

Pisces is also of the Mutable Modality, meaning that it adapts and changes as it learns. More specifically, the new order created by Capricorn and reproduced by Aquarius is adapted and changed by Pisces until ultimate enlightenment can be reached. Pisces also is associated with the element of Water, reinforcing ideas of passivity within Pisces; the mystic generally does not interfere, and cuts himself off from society in order to understand the universe, and so is, in a sense, the ultimate in passivity (which goes along with its Yin Polarity). Pisces is also symbolized by the fish – two fish, actually, which associate it in turn with rebirth and resurrection, such as that which comes through being reborn with the knowledge of the universe in your head.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, which is associated with idealism, intuition, and healing – qualities of the mystic and also strongly associated with Water, emphasizing Pisces’ watery nature. Neptune is also associated with unification, just like Pisces.