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♒ Aquarius

Aquarius –  – Water Bearer  Friendships – January 21/February 18 – Air – Fixed – Yang (+) – Transpersonal – Uranus

Aquarius the water-bearer is a Sun Sign of the Air, associated with abstract principles and rational thought. It is also associated with the Astrological House of Friendships, which brings with it an association with ones’s hopes, as well. This association with the House of Friendships also makes Aquarius associated with, as the name implies, friendships and close relationships between similar people, as well as groups, clubs, and relationships on higher levels. Aquarius is of the Transpersonal Orientation, meaning that Aquariuses are concerned with their relationship to the universe as a whole. Aquarius does this by interacting with others, pouring down rivers – as is associated with its symbol, the Water Bearer – to others. Aquarius is a source of water and nourishment for others and serves to bring the energy of the universe down to others by using its lofty understanding to act as an intermediary with the universe. As such, Aquariuses are often considered strange, different, or weird by others, and they embrace this difference, viewing it as a positive thing, which sometimes can lead to rebellion and nonconformity for the sake of itself.

Through this deeper connection to the universe, Aquarius is often able to experience Afflatus Divine – or, in less fancy terms, Divine Inspiration. Aquarius is able to take brilliant ideas from the universe and pour it down into the world, making them amazing inventors, creators, and people who make society and technology move forward. Aquarius is of the Yang Polarity, which is not surprising, given the fact that they influence others by actively doing (and even in its symbol, the Water Bearer is pouring water, not accepting it). Aquarius is also of the Fixed Modality, meaning that Aquariuses maintain the order laid out by Capricorn through the inspiration they receive from the universe.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, who is associated with originality, progress, and innovation, emphasizing the creative aspects of Aquarius.