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♊ Gemini

Gemini – ♊ – Twins – Communications – May 21/June 20 – Air – Mutable – Yang (+) – Personal – Mercury

Gemini is/are the twins. This Sun Sign represents the first onset of rational thought and self-awareness in the world, as well as the beginning of logical ordering in the spring. This is a Sign of reason and intelligence; as such, it is associated with the abstract element of Air. This sign is also of the Mutable Modality; it corresponds to adaptation and learning. In its form as the twins, Gemini is also the first contact with another, and represents close companionship, and the flexibility one needs to have in order to get along with another. The Sign is also of the personal orientation; not interpersonal like one might expect. This is because the focus of Gemini is on the individual‘s response to another; it is not about the relationship between two people so much as it is about one person’s reaction to said relationship.

People with an excess of Gemini can be superficial, analyzing situations and relationships without thought for what lies below the surface. Gemini is also of the Yang polarity, making it an active force; Geminis go out and try to see and understand the world, and communicate their ideas to others. The connection formed between Castor and Pollux – the two twins of Gemini – is not physical, but rather social and intellectual. This sign represents brotherly closeness, and the ability to speak freely to other individuals. It is the symbol of the first contact with other individuals, and the self-centered, childlike relationships you develop with them. The House of Gemini is the House of Communications, and Geminis are often able to express themselves clearly to others, and understand the thoughts of others as well. The House of Communications also represents a degree of higher education and understanding.

Mercury rules Gemini, providing for Gemini’s association with logic and reason. It also brings the communicative abilities of Gemini out, emphasizing their ability to use their logic and reason to communicate with others, and thereby help themselves become better people.