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♋ Cancer

Cancer – ♋ – Crab – Home – June 21/July 21 – Water – Cardinal – Yin (-) – Personal – The Moon

Cancer the Crab is the fourth Sun Sign, representing emotion in the form of nourishment and care. Cancers are concerned with the well-being of others – and themselves – and an excess of this Sign’s influence can lead to insecurity, fear, and paranoia. This is the card of a mother’s feelings towards her child, or of a nurse towards her patient. It is associated with the element of Water, placing it in the realm of emotions and of Yin – and in moderate amounts, this Sign provides security for oneself and others.

Cancer is a Cardinal Sign, meaning it represents the initiation of an action; a Cancer seeks out others to care for, and goes out of its way to do so. At the same time, the Sign’s association with Yin and Water, as well as its personal focus, show that the Cancer’s reasons for care might not always be in the best interests of the patient; sometimes the Cancer feels that they know best and will do things for others, even if it is unwanted. Yet even so, they do what they do for others with their best intentions at heart, but may find it difficult to see the situation from another’s perspective. The House of Cancer is that of Home, and represents the support and care a family gives to one another through sickness and health.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon – appropriate, given both Cancer’s and the Moon’s association with water. Due to this association, Cancer’s nurturing nature is reinforced strongly. The Moon also provides Cancer with a strong sense of intuition; a Cancer knows when something is wrong, and also often how exactly to fix it.