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♌ Leo

Leo – – Lion – Pleasure – July 22/August 22 – Fire – Fixed – Yang (+) – Interpersonal – The Sun

Leo the Lion is the Sun Sign associated with creativity. While all Fire Signs to some extent share this association, it is the focus of Leo. It also represents the public display of one’s inner self – the masculine Yang and the Identity principle of Fire asserting itself in one’s personality by celebrating its triumph. Leos are prideful, like a lion, and are unafraid of showing their true colors to others. This is why Leo is the first interpersonal sign; one’s inner self is manifested and shown to another, as Leos are concerned with how others perceive them, and seek to be appreciated and respected by others for their creativity. Leos are artists and creators, their creativity knowing no bounds. Leo is also a Sign of loyalty and love, and is often concerned with interpersonal feelings in the same vein.

Leo is of the Fixed Modality, meaning that it is a stabilizing Sign, creating a sense of security. This security comes from confidence in oneself and in those around you; the “pride” of lions is the ideal of Leo (just think of The Lion King). Leos want their deeds and actions to be appreciated by others. Leo finishes the action of Cancer; Cancer provides home and family, and Leo provides that home and family with love, loyalty, and pride. The House of Leo is that of Pleasure, and is associated with recreation, love, self-expression, and doing things for the sake of doing them; this is also the Sign of moderate hedonism. Enjoy yourself in the company of others – this Sign is also associated with sex, as sex is just that.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, associated with creativity and confidence – just the qualities embodied in a lion. The Sun is also associated with integration, reinforcing Leo’s own association with security and stability; everything orbits around the Sun, keeping our solar system stable, just as Leo provides stability for others.