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♎ Libra

Libra – ♎ – Scales – Partnerships – September 23/October 22 – Air – Cardinal – Yang (+) – Interpersonal – Venus

Libra is represented by a pair of scales, very blatantly representing justice (hence this Sign Sign’s association with the Thoth tarot card of Adjustment [VIII]). In this sense, a Libra is concerned with fairness and equality, and in many ways is the most “airy” of the Sun Signs. Libras are often objective and fair, but can also be uncaring, distant, or cold. Their orientation is interpersonal, and they are focused on others. The relationships that they seek to form are, however, fair, equal, and balanced; Libras are concerned with equality. They are also of the Yang polarity, indicating that they seek to actively bring their ideas about the world – that they think up using their Airy thoughts – to other people. This is reinforced by Libra’s Cardinal Modality; Libras are initiators, beginning new actions and change. They think up new, abstract ideas, and seek to apply these ideas to others – whether or not they successfully translate into the real world (in this way, Libras can be similar to Cancers).

Libra is associated with the astrological House of Partnerships, meaning that Libras commonly form close relationships with others (emphasizing the Sun Sign’s Interpersonal Orientation). These relationships are not necessarily built on love, though they do typically involve degrees of trust. Diplomats generally exhibit Libran ideals very well, as they forge (hopefully) close bonds between countries, based (hopefully) on principles of equality and mutual benefit. The House of Partnerships also represents the good qualities we admire about other people, and exchanges of confidences.

Libra is ruled by the planet of Venus, associated with harmony, grace, and refinement. The particularly important association here that Venus shares with Libra is that of harmony; Libras seek to bring harmony to others, and their harmonious nature is why they are able to form close relationships.

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