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The Caretaker – White – Peace, Upright Goblet – Outer Air, Inner Water

Albus is the Geomantic figure of wisdom and peace. In the figure, only the element of Water is active, meaning that Albus is ruled by emotional and nurturing instincts. Outwardly, Albus appears to be a symbol of air, and its meaning is supported by this: Albus is associated with wisdom, intellect, awareness, mysticism, progress, and knowledge. However, the wisdom of Albus comes not from careful study or divine revelation; instead, Albus draws upon a deep inner wellspring of vitality: a vibrant inner life. Albus is completely in touch with its inner nurturer, and so is kind, loving, chaste, caring, and full of purity and goodness. He is a caretaker, and loves to take care of and watch others grow. He is also a stellar communicator, and in taking care of those around him, finds it simple to solve disputes and calm angry hearts.

In excess, like any other Figure, Albus can be negative. Despite its caring nature, it can sometimes be detached, aloof, and isolated. Its energy can also sometimes lead to madness and retreating from life. Its progression, though it exists, can sometimes be slow – which can be good or bad, depending on the situation. Its progress can also halt completely, creating sterility if too much Albus energy exists. Albus is also a quiet figure, and is associated with the intellect in the forms of its astrological associations of Gemini and Mercury. Albus is calm and quiet, and great wisdom can come from him. Though he might not be easily accessible, when he is reached, he will be more than you ever asked for. His goblet is full, as seen in his symbol.

A perfect example of a character strong in Albus is Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter – he is wise, kind, loving, and at the same time strangely detached and aloof, and full of vibrant inner life and energy. He is a great teacher and friend, and at the same time has his own dark secrets that keep him separate from everyone else. The Figure of Albus is calm, wise, detached, and full of powerful insights that come from deep inside himself. He represents peace and conflict resolution, as well as security and safety. World peace will never be achieved without the calming energies of the caretaker Albus, a Stable Figure. Albus’ opposite is the hedonistic Rubeus.