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The Hedonist – Red – Passion, Upside-down Goblet, Burning, Danger – Outer Water, Inner Air

Rubeus is the Geomantic Figure associated with passion and letting loose. Its archetype is the Hedonist, who lives life in the moment, does not care about the future, and forgets about the past. It is an extremely high energy Figure, associated with blind intoxication, drunkenness (divine or otherwise), joyous participation in any activity, pleasure, large amounts of sexuality, and adrenaline rushes. As it is associated with adrenaline, Rubeus is also associated with danger, and contains many warnings: it can signify addictive behavior, as well as a dangerous lifestyle, violence, and fierceness. Rubeus is a very “live in the moment and only the moment” Figure. Rubeus is strong, messy, and hot-tempered, seeking their happiness as the expense of everything else.

Interestingly, in the actual Figure, Air is the only active element. The Hedonist’s passion, then, comes not directly from the source of hedonism and Fire, but rather from some “higher” source. In this case, the hedonistic, passionate involvement in the pleasures of life comes from focusing on our interpersonal relationships with others – a form of communication, which is associated with Air. Rubeus expresses itself through a strange sort of communication, which is reinforced by the fact that Rubeus’ Inner Energy is Air. Outwardly, Rubeus is Water; indeed, he goes with the flow, doing whatever he wants, when he wants it; in many ways, he is the ultimate in “going with the flow.”

Astrologically, Rubeus is associated with Mars – from which the Figure gets its fierceness and part of its sexuality – and Scorpio – from which is gets its celebration and living in the moment, trusting in the cycles of death and rebirth. It also is exemplified in the following quote from The Art and Practice of Geomancy by John Michael Greer: “Good in all that is evil, and evil in all that is good.” Rubeus is good at seeing the inherent contradictions in life, as it represents one itself; the pleasure in living dangerously, and the danger of living safely. Rubeus is, unsurprisingly, a Mobile Sign. Its opposite is Albus, the upturned goblet; Rubeus’ goblet has overturned, indicating the possibility of unwise decisions, abandon, and violence.