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The Hermit – Prison – Isolation, Enclosure, Constricted, Lock – Outer Earth, Inner Earth


Carcer is the Geomantic Figure associated with isolation and entrapment. As such, unsurprisingly, it is astrologically closest to Saturn, the planet of limitation. It is also associated with Capricorn astrologically, due to its Outer and Inner Energy being both of Earth, reflecting Capricorn’s concern with the material. The fact that both of Carcer’s Energies are Earth also indicates that Carcer as a Figure is unable to break free of the fetters of the material and move to a higher plane; it is trapped in the material world.

The shape of the Figure of Carcer is also that of a prison, with the two active elements boxing in the two passive ones. Earth and Fire are both active, but are separated by the passivity of Air and Water. As such, Carcer lacks compassion and rationale, and contains only the material and drive. Carcer is restrictive because material expression and the energy necessary to live to the fullest are unable to meet. It is, unsurprisingly, a Stable Figure, as it is rooted in Earth through and through. It is associated with rigidity, inflexibility, fixation, and imprisonment. Its archetype is the Hermit, as in its prison it is alone, and so is associated with isolation, avoidance (of any issues of people), and stubbornness (again hearkening back to its Earthy origins). As a prison, Carcer is also associated with security and stability in and of itself. As isolation, Carcer is associated also with productive energy and focus, free of the distractions of others; the isolation of Carcer can be self-imposed.

Those who have a great affinity for Carcer tend to save money and are extremely cautious, afraid to step out of line. They are timid and careful with their resources, and usually reclusive. Taken to the extreme, Carcer can be greedy. Carcer can also be associated with separation of forces, ideas, and people, as well as binding ties and agreements that restrict you. The opposite of Carcer is Conjunctio, the coming together of forces, rather than Carcer’s separation of them.