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The Organization – Conjunction – Interaction, Association, Gathering, Crossroads – Outer Earth, Inner Air

Conjunctio is the Geomantic Figure associated with the convergence of forces, actively coming together for a common end. On the outside, this Figure’s energy resembles that of Earth, reflecting practical purposes for material gain. Inside, however, these practical gatherings for a definite, practical purpose are driven by thoughts of idealism and principles – whether in terms of meeting on fair terms, or for some honorable or just goal. Any time two or more people, objects, or forces come together for a clear purpose, the energy of Conjunctio is at hand. The Geomantic Figure itself reflects this idea, as the two elemental pairings face each other; Passive Fire and Active Air, and Active Water and Passive Earth. The two triangles formed by these pairings face each other and work together; Water and Air work together to provide nourishing rain to help others grow (actively), while Fire and Earth come together to make life possible (passively). Forces working in tandem with each other and the ideals of teamwork are the bread and butter of Conjunctio.

The archetype of Conjunctio, then, is the Organization: a group of individual interests working together for a common cause. It is associate with contact, union, and the meeting of opposites (Air and Water work well together and yet are opposites; Water is Yin to Air’s Yang). It also represents the potential for change, the prevalence of cooler heads, and temperance and teamwork. As the Figure’s shape shows, Conjunctio is associated with diplomacy and building bridges, and combinations of forces. It is associated also with intelligence, sociability, talkativeness, recovering things that were once lost, and the enactment of often unexpected change (adding an element of surprise to this figure). This potential for change imbues Conjunctio with a sort of fertility, providing a context or field of potential for movement and other forces to act upon, laying the groundwork for others.

This Figure can be good or bad, depending on the context; change is not always good, and Conjunctio does not necessarily mean good change. It is associated with Mercury and Virgo astrologically, representing intellect – but also mischief. Conjunctio is a spendthrift figure, often unconcerned with rules, and indeed, often trying to circumvent them, but also is a Figure with lots of friends, who are getting together to change the world – for better or for worse. This Figure is Stable. Conjunctio’s opposite Figure is Carcer, the prison.