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Fortuna Major

The Natural/Businessman – Greater Fortune – Valley with River, Protection, Omens, Hidden Help – Outer Fire, Inner Earth

Fortuna Major is one of the two Geomantic Figures associated with luck and good fortune, the other being its opposite Figure, Fortuna Minor. Fortuna Major represents fortune that comes from within and is derived from inner strength and vitality. It is thus associated with good luck and all that goes with it, but also is associated with the kind of luck that comes from “natural” inner-giftedness. Fortuna Major is successful and able to obtain power, and its path to this power unfolds seemingly naturally, with little apparent effort on the part of the Figure. This Figure is good at everything it does, and is associated with self-mastery and competence deriving from one’s harmonious inner spirit. When one’s outer wealth accurately reflects their inner wealth, the energy of Fortuna Major is present: one gets what one deserves is one motto of this Figure. It has superficial associations with karma in this vein, but it is not the primary focus of the Figure. Its lesson is that once you master yourself, anything is possible.

Fortuna Major represents the ideal businessman (not the stereotypical Wall Street fat cats), who is able to use what is around him to improve his own life and the lives of those around him; he is the one able to make lemonade out of grapefruit. He is generous, fair, honest, and fun. He is creative and full of energy, and so is associated with the Sun and Leo in Astrology. He can be, at times, a spendthrift, and is extremely ambitious, though rarely at the cost of those around him. Outwardly, he displays Fire, energy, will, and drive, which is all fueled by the steady energy of the Earth within himself, providing a steady base for him to operate from. The Earth represents the dry timber that slowly burns to keep his spirit going. In the Figure itself, Water and Earth are both active, which indicates that Fortuna Major’s strength comes from its grounding (Earth) combined with its almost psychic sense of intuition (Water). Together, these two make Fortuna Major seem like a natural, and everything comes easy to someone whose energies reflect this Figure. At the same time, this Figure works hard to get his results, and is never afraid to give everything its all. It is a very Stable sign, rooted as it is in Earth.

Fortuna Major is generally a very positive sign, as it is associated with inner strength, magickal secrets, unconscious efforts, nobility, and a good start leading to a good outcome. The only time this sign might not be positive is if you are in a very tight situation and trying to escape; Fortuna Major generally makes the most out of a situation, rather than trying to simply run away. However, this Figure also represents the unforced path that will lead, eventually, to victory.

2 responses

  1. ROD

    Is it a positive figure for infidelity?

    June 26, 2012 at 7:13 pm

  2. That depends on the exact nature of the question being asked. Generally, though, Fortuna Major being related to someone suspected of being unfaithful means that likely they are not cheating, as Fortuna Major is a Figure of Inner Strength, which infidelity almost never is an example of. If Fortuna Minor appeared, however, then there might be cause for concern.

    June 27, 2012 at 12:08 am

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