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The Worker – Gain – Full Bags, Internal Grasping, Inner Wealth, Picking Up – Outer Fire, Inner Air

Acquisitio, or Gain, is the opposite of the Geomantic Figure Amissio, or Loss. This Figure is directly associated with gaining things. It is important to remember that this means the gaining of anything, whether or good or bad; it can represent gaining an illness, a lover, a follower, a friend, a stalker, wealth, or anything else. Whether this gain is positive of negative depends on the context. This Figure is also associated with success, fortune, material wealth, profit, attaining one’s goals, and rewards within reach. These good things will not come to you just for existing, however; you need to work for them. This why Acquisitio’s archetype is the Worker; the lesson of Acquisitio is that if you work hard and work well, you will reap rewards in time. The gains you make will be a result of the work you have done, and so this Figure is associated with working towards one’s goals, as well. The Worker is passionate about his work, and can be fierce in defending it. He loves life, and seeks to enjoy it. The worker has great Inner Wealth, because he works hard and honestly for everything he has.

This Figure also reminds us that we can do nothing on our own, and even if we refuse to admit it, we rely on others in order to accomplish what we do. The success of Acquisitio is communal success, and is a result of teamwork. Acqusitio is also representative of a successful, thriving market in which one can succeed. As such, Acquisitio is associated with fairness and justice, ensuring that all gains are well-earned. It reminds us that without the complex interactions of the community, wealth is meaningless; it must be placed in context to be worth anything.

Astrologically, Acquisitio is associated with Sagittarius and Jupiter. Jupiter and Sagittarius are both associated with higher ideals, philosophy, and learning. As such, through this relation, Acquisitio is strongly associated with the values of truth, fairness, and justice. Acquisitio is a Stable Figure, and the gains made through this Figure’s energies are not fleeting, but lasting.

Acquisitio’s Outer Energy is that of Fire, and outwardly the Worker of Acquisitio is filled with a passion and spirit for his work that he uses to achieve success. This drive comes from Air, which naturally fuels Fire, indicating that Acquisitio’s philosophy and meaning is natural. The Outer Fire is made possible by holding one’s principles near and dear to them. The shape of the Figure itself is the opposite of Amissio, and represents two upright, full bags. Air and Earth are Active, meaning that Acquisitio represents what happens when one’s principles and ideals are applied into the real world, when ideas become reality and improve the world around us.

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