Tarot, Geomancy, Astrology


The Reveler  – Joy – Tower, Bearded, Laugh, Sing, Peak, Candelabrum – Outer Water, Inner Earth


Unlike its opposite Tristitia, Laetitia’s Inner and Outer Energies complement each other nicely, allowing for Laetitia to be a positive figure: the Inner Energy of the Figure is Earth, and this materialistic, practical, stubborn, and powerful nature is what supports and allows for the emotional and intuitive development of its Outer Energy of water. The emotional energy of Laetitia is extremely powerful and strong, which is why in the Figure itself, Fire is the only active element, representing the strength of Laetitia’s emotions. The shape of the figure brings to mind a mountain or tower, with the focus at the peak. Laetitia, then, is associated with being at the top of one’s life and game, filled with joy, happines, and long-term fulfillment. Interestingly, Laetitia’s emotional fulfillment can also be short-term as well, and the context in which the Figure appears will affect whether long-term fulfillment or momentary pleasure awaits.

This Figure is also associated with ascent and upward mobility, in contrast to Tristitia. It signifies good prospects, fortitude, and honest convictions to help you achieve more with the help of a supportive community. It is very similar to the Four of Wands, Completion, in the Tarot, in that it represents fulfillment within a community. Laetitia can also represent innocence, honesty, goodwill, naivete, and strong convictions and beliefs, while still remaining open-minded and open to new ideas. Laetitia is a Figure of sharing and openness, and so is not a good figure when secrets are involved; the key concept of Laetitia us that the free flow of unblocked energy will lead to fulfillment and happiness. Laetitia is approaching completion, and the peak has almost been reached, and is associated with celebration and gladness. Astrologically, it is associated with Jupiter and Pisces; good fortune, inner strength, good ideals, and knowledge of and integration with the larger universe. It is a Mobile Figure, representing its adaptability and constant movement, and its opposite is Tristitia.


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